In the late summer of 2013, we ordered a 200 pound wheel of Swiss cheese to be an addition to our roster of other cheeses for the fall season. Upon arrival, this massive wheel needed three grown-men to lift it from the delivery truck to the back cooler! 

As days went by, we took advantage of the opportunity and brought customers to the back of the store to take pictures with this truck-tire sized dairy wheel. Nevertheless, we realized that we needed to eventually cut into it so we can actually sell the product. 

Rather than just splitting it in the back of the store and vacuum packing different sized pieces, the Daniel's team came up with the idea of bringing it to the Cambridge Farmers' market on a Saturday. I mean, who wouldn't wanted to see a 200 pound Swiss wheel being cut into? 

After a bit of brainstorming, the day was set for August 31st, 2013. The press release was out and the news spread for the city to know that the wheel would be cut at 10 am sharp. "Big Bertha" (that's what my boys named it) had her own special table in the middle of the building. We had 5 Cambridge Winter Hawks hockey guys bring it in for her grand entrance while people awaited to see if this wheel actually existed. Once they placed her on the centre table, people cheered and took pictures - it was a success!

After a short announcement, we finally cut through the centre of the wheel to give out free samples with fruits and crackers. We also had a special deal for anyone who wanted to make a purchase ($12.99/lb). Not only did it look fantastic, but it tasted heavenly.

Overall, it was a great time. The faces of children were priceless, customers were delighted and we sold around 100 pounds of Swiss cheese that morning!

"Big Bertha" may be gone for now but this could definitely be the beginning of a yearly Daniel's tradition. Keep a look out for a new wheel this year!