Who we are 

Daniel's Cheese & Deli is a family owned business that brings cheeses from all around the world into locations that are accessible to you. 

Our specialty is Canadian cheddars. Daniel's portfolio holds cheddars between the ages of 2-14 years old, both orange and organic white and are handled with special care. One of the things that makes us unique is the fact that we naturally age our cheddars in-store with precise temperature settings to ensure our cheeses age properly, which results in creating the right texture and taste for your purchase. 

Most importantly, our passion is to see every customer that walks in as a stranger to leave as a friend. Whether you stop by at one of the farmers' markets or visit the store, you'll be sure to be treated like family! 

Canadian Cheddars

Our Canadian cheddars are naturally aged and range from 2-14 years old. We hold both orange and white organic. 

Imported Fromages

Our 50+ imported products come from over 10 different European countries. These cheeses will definitely spice up your cheese tray. 

Domestic Cheeses 

We carry a wide variety of domestic cheeses. We're also famous for our cheese curds that come in every week at both the store and farmers' markets.